Proprioception is out of tune, affecting the development of vision, perception, and spatial concepts. If the child's proprioception is not developed enough and communication with other senses is poor, involuntary behavior will occur, which will lead to uncoordinated movements, etc. Therefore, the earlier the sensory integration training, the better, to reduce the impact of sensory integration dysregulation on learning and other aspects.

Material parameters
PP material+metal
Red, yellow, green
The handle controls the direction of the car, with one wheel fixed and one rotating to rotate in place


  1. Rotation upgrade: 360 ° in place rotation
  2. Anti slip upgrade: Anti slip foot pedals with a secure area for the feet, making it less likely to slip and fall off during rapid gear changes in the car
  3. Seat upgrade: using curved seats, with good wrapping and no fear of falling off
  4. Stable upgrade: Three wheel stable support for turning without flipping 360 ° free rotation


Size 72*38*57cm
net weight 4.9KG
Box specifications 73.5*19.5*40cm
Gross weight 5.3KG
Packaging boxed


PP material+metal


Red, yellow, green


Three wheel design: The handle controls the direction of the car, with one wheel fixed and one rotating to rotate in place

Most Common Mistakes in Procurement and How to Solve

The more experience you have in buying indoor playground, the more you’ll know about the complicated process. Between confusing design, budget & profit, it’s easy to make wrong decision to result in unwise investment. If you are a first-time indoor playground investor, you can avoid it by knowing common pitfalls.
Mistakes Solutions
Not working with a right supplier

Try to find a reliable supplier who can provide you ideal solution & have cases in your country

Forgetting safety regulations

Make sure the equipment you purchased complying with all safety standards and local regulation

Totally not having ideas about design

Sure what exact kind of items you want, main age and function,etc

Not taking quality into consideration and seeking lower price

Choosing best material to ensure the long lifetime and saving costs in maintenance

Wrong installation

Sure to find professional people with working experience to install equipment in a right way, if you install by yourselves.

Forgetting budget on maintenance

Daily & monthly & annual inspection and maintain manuals, regular inspection & reminder services, which can save cost on manpower and material resources.