Is there any noise during the running of the carousel?

The carousel we produce has almost no noise, and the carousel has an upper and lower transmission structure; the upper transmission carousel runs completely noise-free, and the transmission structure is on the upper part, which is convenient for maintenance. Relatively can only move up and down, not back and forth, but the noise is also very small.

Of course, we have SD cards, download local music and play it on the card.

Generally speaking, there are more options for clockwise rotation. Our factory setting is clockwise rotation (except for specific equipment). If you have special requirements, please contact us for instructions before customizing.

We have different types of carousels to choose from. For example, 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, etc. The prices of the carousel depend on the specific model you choose. We will recommend a suitable carousel based on your specific requirements and budget, please share your requirements with us.

The carousel light is controlled by the main board program, which can be set to the colorful changing lighting effect, or can be set to the European warm yellow lighting effect.

The main material is FRP and steel structure, if you want to know more, our sales manager will give you a detailed introduction.

We have 16 seats, 24 seats, 30 seats and 68seats double decker carousel. First, we will confirm with you the size of your land size and how many seats you need, and then we can calculate the production time. Under normal circumstances, for the 16 seats and 24 seats carousel. Production & Delivery time is around 20 working days.

Generally, children over the age of 70 cm can ride when accompanied by an adult.

No, the carousel can be said to be the one of safest amusement equipment. First of all, its running speed is gentle, the large plate relies on the slewing support to rotate, the horse relies on the motor to drive the crankshaft, and its failure rate is almost 0.