The Earlier The Better When It Comes To Sensory Training For Infants And Toddlers!

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What is sensory integration?

In one sentence: The learning process in which the brain and body coordinate with each other.

0-3 years old is the formation period of sensory dominance

3-6 years old is the optimal correction period

6-13 years old is the compensatory period

After the age of 13, the feeling of integration is basically fixed and difficult to correct.

Symptoms of sensory dysregulation:

Children with visual integration disorders are prone to skipping lines and words while reading and writing, and often lose things in their daily lives.

Children with auditory integration disorders often turn a deaf ear and have poorer attention and memory compared to their peers.

Children with tactile integration disorders are often very sensitive to the touch of others, and are prone to negative emotions or behaviors such as anxiety, hyperactivity, and unease.

Children with vestibular integration disorders often cannot accurately judge distance and direction, and have poor coordination skills when doing things or playing games

Children with proprioceptive integration disorders often experience problems such as uncoordinated movements and stuttering.

Training methods for sensory integration

Training methods for vestibular perception

Crawling (must crawl more in infancy and toddlerhood)


Rolling forward

Balance board game

Training tactile methods

Gravitational embrace

Finger pressure massage

Toys such as tactile balls

Training Ontological Methods

Do more passive exercises during infancy and early childhood

The Development of Age appropriate Exercise and Major Sports

Multiple outdoor sports

Training visual methods

Follow up training

Look at different picture cards and character cards

Rich visual stimulation

Training auditory methods

Listen to different sounds more often

Adequate language environment

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